Introducing the new Website Grader

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HubSpot launched the all new website grader! Score your site and get your website's grde (hint: the average website scores 67%).


Once you've gotten your grade, pop your score in here and share what you'll be updating on your site! Any surprises or exciting finds? We want to know! 

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SO PUMPED about this! Scored my website as soon as I saw the blog post ( ... got a 61%. Was I bummed? A little ... does it help to know the average score is 67%? Yes (but I still have work to do!). 


Room for improvement: security? Biggest surprise: we're ahead of the game in SEO (which honestly I think is bc we're hosted by HubSpot). 



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Kelp's Website GradeKelp's Website Grade

97 out of 100 isn't bad I suppose 😊— the thing that got us is 39 http requests. We like our pictures too much to get that under 30.

Stefen Phelps, Community Champion, Kelp Web Developer

Nice job. Feel you on the http requests. We love our pictures too; I just need to replace a bunch of our hero images with skinnier versionsWebsite_Grader.png


Guess I need to take the course - we got a 56. 


I'm glad there is an actionable next step to take after seeing this score - can't wait to learn from the pros. 🙂 


@stefen I think you may win for the highest score! 


Our site is on the nose 67%, lots of room for improvement but good to know we are on the right track -


 Achilles site.png




Really happy to see our score! 82/100 is not too shabby! Mostly held back by how much we love the many images we have on our homepage haha, still working on tweaking that though, so hopefully, we will hit the 90% mark soon!



Getting better!

HS Website Grader.png


We got 75% on our site. Happy to see that but also ready to get that score much higher. Our biggest improvement is page requests and page speed! Going to work on that with our dev team. 


69%. Looks like we can work on improving HTTP requests and page load time. That said, it was nice to see a very strong SEO score, it was a key focus for us this past year!


85%! Not bad and no surprises, just outlined some performance improvements that are already on our radar Smiley Wink



We're at a 74, and the items noted are ones we're aware of from our SEO project earlier this year. It's good to see some of the items on our to-do list being called out here, too.


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Welcome to Sunny SW Florida and the Key West Express and we're in at a sold 75%!!




Nice backink and good job!

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We got 70% for our website. Our SEO had a perfect score, but we seem to struggle with performance. Image sizes, issues with CSS compression, and high HTTP requests are causing some slower loading times—those will be the areas we can focus our efforts toward.  


The biggest surprise for me was when my blog scored a 72% and hubspot recommended that I do some work on my blog.

There are only 5 blog posts as of this writing, and 5 small thumbnail images and I'm getting dinged for page load speed and having an out of date javascript library.


Crazy part is, my blog is actually hosted on Hubspot and was migrated by the hubspot team from WordPress.


So there's that. Thanks for the good times, website grader. Thanks for the good times.*




* the last line there was delivered with dripping sarcasm.

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While I appreciate Hubspot in creating such a tool.  I prefer to use Googles, as they are the ones that are grading our sites, for actual day to day use.  And for better or worse, they hold the gold standard that sites are guaged against. 🤷‍♂️

There are many instances that Google will find fault in the HS code and their answer is that " it is optimized, but Google doesn't recognize the optimization"...  HUH? Yea, right.


Again, just my 2 cents.




I assume you're talking about PageSpeed Insights?


I feel your frustration. I was able to score a 90 on a new page but in full transparency, I hadn't populated any modules yet. 


Turns out we had some CSS and javascript issues stemming from some custom templates we designed a few years back that are causing problems with updates to the CMS. 


HubSpot offered to relieve us of that pain with the services of a developer who billed $375 an hour. 


We're reviewing other options. In the meantime, good luck with your issues. 



We are wondering why we are having the same result every time, even we update our site as per guidelines. It is something the Grader is storing the score result?
Why scores are consistent all the time? when we are scanning multiple times result populates in a second.
We have tried with different locations/time/internet speed and the result is the same for the same site with Grader. Where Google Lighthouse shows different results every time for the same site.

Please help us with this.
Thank You.

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Hey @matthew-brilman. We too questioned this and really got no good explanations.  Have basically abandonded the HS version and use Googles.  Why?  Well, for us the answer relied in who's really the more important resource.  Since Google is the final authority on any all things web and if they say that xy and z are issues, for them to accurately and reliably rank a site, then it's their word that I'm going to be listening to.  There are a number of items that are in the HS environment that they say are optimized and running at it's best, yet Google doesnot recognize them and there is really nothing that we can to to change HS.


While not much of an answer and is really just my opinion...  Do what you can.  Do it the best you can......




80 points on the whole is not bad, but there is something to work on 😃



I'll be happy when we get to 80-- having some Javascript issues I don't have the technical background to understand but we're working on them. Keep up the good work! 


We got 85% on our site. Happy to see that but also ready to get that score much higher. Our biggest improvement is page requests and page speed! Going to work on that with our dev team ❤️


my site and my client sites consistently score in the high 90s on gmetrix and google page speed insights.

on hubspot web grader, 70s, or low 80s.

Hubspot's CRM and associated tools are fantastic. best in the business, IMO, but the website grader is a scam.



Hello. Is this a paid tool? What we can check in this tool for our website?

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Hi @ellamacrow,


The Website Grader is a free tool, it's checking website performance, SEO, security and mobile design.


Hope this helps!

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We got 95% on our site. Happy to see that but also ready to get that score much higher. Our biggest improvement is  page requests and page speed! Going to work on that with our dev team. Thanks


We got a 56, so I guess I'll have to take the course.


After seeing this ranking, I'm happy there's an actionable next step to take - I can't wait to learn from the pros.
I believe you have a good chance of winning the highest score!


We got 87% on our site. Happy to see that but also ready to get that score much higher. Our biggest improvement is page requests and page speed! Going to work on that with our dev team.