Inconsistent Landing Pages Across Different Computers

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I apologize if this isn't the right place to post this but I'm incredibly frustrated with HubSpot as this has been happening since day 1 when I started using it. Now this could be just my own problem but I'd like to see if it's happening to anyone else.

Does anyone have the problem of inconsistencies across different computers??? EVERY time I create a landing page, the preview looks different from when it's published on the SAME monitor which ALSO looks different across three other screens of the SAME ratio. Everything is perfectly aligned when I'm editing and then once it's published BOOM it's slightly off on monitor and then I go to a colleague's computer and it's COMPLETELY off, misaligned. Also then there's a centering issue. In preview, elements like the rich text are all centered justified to the page, but then when published on some computers everything is moved to the right, on others its moved to the left. This has happened to every landing page I've done. How are we expected to create good landing pages when it looks different on everyone's computer??


I use templates through the drop in module system which seems really simple at first but now I'm beginning to wonder if I have to go in and code everything. Interestingly enough, even if your modules are all aligned in the Design Manager, once you start actually using it and publishing it, it's as if there were never any modules to begin with. They start intersecting each other (which you can't see during preview because again it's INCONSISTENT everywhere) and then you're left wondering what to do because it looks perfect in one area but totally messed up in another and then when it looks like three different designs on three different computers, your customers are left wondering how reliable you are.

Anyway if this has been occuring to anyone else, I'd love to hear your story. And if anyone has a solution for this because again this could possibly be my fault too, I'd be happy to listen. Thanks for reading!

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Ok. A couple things ... 

It's ok to post wherever you like, but your questions will get answered much faster if you post CRM stuff in the Sales Hub section, Marketing Automation stuff in the Marketing Hub section, and developer stuff on the separate developer's site ... you get the point.


You'll typically get design help much faster if you post in the Design Forum where many HubSpot designers (and some developers) play. Smiley Happy


Also, maybe try -- a beautiful code-free HubSpot page builder -- for free.


Next, regarding 'fault' ... there's plenty of that to go around.

While it may seem like a good strategy to encourage non-designers and non-developers and non-marketers to EXPECT to build out high-converting pages which by definition usually mean pages with good UI, it's totally irresponsible IMHO. The practice leads many small business owners to abandon their marketing efforts prematurely because of unrealistic expectations and poor results.


Point? You are not alone.


Again, just my opinion.


Check out the design section when you have specific questions about your page(s). You can share the link there and get awesome, friendly feedback from some of the best HubSpot designers in the world -- some of whom also offer templates in the HubSpot Marketplace.


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Hope that helps.


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Hi @HarmsTai


I agree with @MFrankJohnson here. 


Given the differences in how different browsers, versions, and devices render HTML and CSS, even our experienced designers have A LOT of trouble getting things to look right on all the 'important' end points. The idea any platform and/or novice end-user can do this - and have the flexibility they typically want - is kinda unrealistic. And as MFJ says, it changes and sets expectations of what should be possible, and when to to work with experts (plus what they should charge). 


Sorry the news isn't better. If you took a marketplace template and changed only the text, you might get a result that is almost consistent across end-points. But change more than that and you will most likely need at least CSS knowledge to fix problems. 


Best of luck. @MFrankJohnson and I are here to help if you need it. 

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