Implications of migrating from theme copy -> child theme




Our website is currently using a clone of a marketplace purchased theme. As it was a clone/copy, our site has been built in a version that is slowly falling behind the latest theme versions and updates. For example we're on v6.1 and the latest theme is v6.3.


As a result I'm weighing up the best way to get our site usng the latest version, but there's a few things I'm not sure on and would like to know first.


Migrating to a child theme from a theme copy


Luckily, it looks like we could migrate to a child theme, so our site is auto-updated with the latest updates and I wouldn't have to worry about future migrations. Only things I want to check are:


1. Do child themes allow bespoke templates and bespoke modules to be created or moved underneath them or is it only possible to use the parent's templates and modules? 


2. A lot of our standard theme modules are bespoked. Would we be able to move these bespoked modules to our child theme or have to use non-bespoked out of the box modules?


3. Can I also create / move our CSS file underneath a child theme?


4. Could I just get our current site clone to flowdown parent updates by updating our theme.json to extend from the path of the parent rather than null?




Thank you in advance. 




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Community Manager

Hi @RKneller 


Thank you for reaching out.


I want to tag some of our experts on this - @Kevin-C @dbeau79 @lynton @miljkovicmisa do you have any recommendations to share with @RKneller on this? 


Thank you!



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We have a very similar situation so I'll be following this thread. I've reached out to the theme developer to have them convert our copy to a child theme but they've been dragging their feet for a couple of weeks. I'm in need of a new developer to help us with the child theme conversion and to optimize other parts of the site. Anyone interested in a project?