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Periodically I like to insert the photo of someone who is being quoted in a blog post. I can insert the photo and left align it no trouble, but adding their name and company in HTML immediately below the image is providing difficult. I usually must resort to inserting a table. 


Do you know of an easy way to apply a CSS style that would left align my photo and caption and allow my article text to flow around that content?

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Hi Gary,


Your use of the table, while not ideal, might be the easiest way if you aren't familiar with HTML. Alternatively, you could put your image and caption within a div that floats left and allows text to wrap around.


This would be a nice feature, I would recommend adding it to the ideas tab if you haven't already and it's not already there. 🙂

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Our web designer created some CSS code that I could use.  Saved it as a snippet so I can use on other posts.