Hubspot code embeded, now what?

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I am new to Hubspot's Marketing. I applied the embed code to all pages on our website. What comes next? We are operating in the free version to get an idea of what Hubspot and how it will work for us but I don't see where the tracking information populates. 

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Hi @Delaney ,


Welcome to HubSpot, once you learn the logic it's pretty easy. First off, are you using HubSpot forms? Because if so your leads will be entered into the CRM and start to accumulate data in two main places. The first is the contact timeline which shows everytime that lead takes an action (visits a page,clicks a CTA,fills out a form, ect)


The second is properties which can be set or changed in a variety of ways. The main two in your case will be form fills and page visits. (also email marketing, workflows and lists among others on the higher tiers) 


So once your forms are up and your contacts are gathering datapoints you can use them in reports. HubSpot has a bunch of reports already built for you which you make minor edits to. (mainly the time frame the reports look at) Once you hit a certain tier you can start using custom reports which alow you to build reports from strach using any datapoints and filters you'd like.


There's also a couple of sections under the reporting tab which go deeper into specific areas like web traffic,take a look and see what you have access to.


I use marketing pro so some of the things may not be directly applicable but HubSpot does really get more powerful the more info you give it. 


Good Luck, if you have any specific questions let me know.