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How to remove theme generated form from landing page?

Hey Hubspot community!


I'm building up a landing page and am having an issue with a form that seems to be controlled by the theme itself.


Theme: Challenge (by Web Canopy Studio)


Here's a visual of what I'm dealing with:


Link to Landing Page:


The top yellow form is the one being generated by the theme, the bottom blue one is a Hubspot form I created and added manually to the landing page. I have a workflow connected to this form so I'd prefer to use it as opposed to the default one controlled by the theme (it doesn't even register in HubSpot as a form, it's captured like an offline form would be with a bunch of random letters and characters).


What's most annoying is there is no mention or visual of this form from the edit Landing Page screen, it only appears on the preview or published views. So there's no way to edit, hide or remove the form. I dug through the Design Manager and found a couple of sections that mention the form, but even after deleting them, the form remains on the landing page...


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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How to remove theme generated form from landing page?

Hi @rarroway ,

Go to the edit page and select your module under form module than update change it will refect change.

Hope this helps!

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How to remove theme generated form from landing page?

@webdew Thanks for the reply!


I checked out the edit page but I'm not seeing this as an option on my end. I actually can't even see the form that is controlled by the theme at all from the edit screen (only one form is shown in the "Contents" tab and it's the one I manually added in):



The theme controlled form is only visible when I preview or view the published page and it always appears above my custom form.


If I'm missing something could you provide a screenshot of where I would find this module option you're referring to?



Thanks again!!