How to get name of background image on page template?

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When I go into a landing page that has an existing image, how do I get the name of that image and the location within the folders of it? 


The reason I ask is because we sometimes have variations of the same image we like to use but the name remains consistent. The problem is all I see is an image but no name associated with it so how do I search for the other versions? 


The only option I have now is to go to the page preview, view the HTML source, and then copy and paste the filename. This is an inconvenience that shouldn't be this way. Where does Hubspot store that file information when you're on the page? 


Thanks to all responding!

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Hi @fpena,


I see what you're saying and agree with you. It would be nice to see the name of the file in the same place you might change the alt text, padding, alignment, etc. Unfortunately it doesn't do that.


What I do is right click the image and copy the image url. I can then open that image in a new tab and see the filename. You could also paste it into notepad.


Not ideal, I agree. Please post your idea to the ideas forums and let's get it upvoted!

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Hi @fpena

As you mentioned, the only option is 'view source' or 'inspect element' and find the source of an image.


If you use HubSpot I'd suggest using the standard folder structure. Go to "File Manager" and upload image inside your designated folder. Next time, when you need it, go to file manager > folder > your image file. Well, it does not sound convenient because there could be 100s of images. 


Here's what I do: find the URL by using 'view source' or 'inspect element'. Open it on a new tab. Check the folder structure or a file name in the URL. Go to HubSpot file manager and search it by a file name. 


After inspecting (view source), I found that this is the URL of an image. It's inside my img folder. I copy the name 'header-full' without the .jpg extension. Go to the file manager, paste 'header-full' (image name) on the search bar. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 4.00.42 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 4.05.37 PM.png

Aakar Anil
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Thank you both for your recommendations. They do work but unfortunately requires multiple steps outside of the normal process to acquire information that should be easily accessible. 


We have hundreds of pictures and dozens of folders so it really is a hassle for our team. 


I'll post a suggestion in the ideas forum as this should be easy for Hubspot to implement. 


Glad I wasn't missing the obvious!

Fernando Pena

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For anyone frustrated by the same issue I've just submitted an idea right here:


Please upvote it and hopefully we'll see it implemented soon!