How to Use Topic Clusters to Build an Effective Content Marketing Strategy For Your Business


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Latest post from BQ around topic clusters, pillar content and how you can use these to build an effective marketing strategy:


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Thank you for sharing @Babel_Izzy - hugely relevant, given that HubSpot's new Content Strategy tools are now live!


That's a great article!  I noticed Hubspot typically refer to pillar pages as "landing pages" - which is a distinct thing on the Hubspot platform.  In your post, you mention pillar pages can be several things - including blog posts.


Our landing pages are pretty much dead-ends - they don't have any of our menus or any form of nav. So, it would make much more sense to use a blog tempate as a landing page since the user will be able to navigate elsewhere. 


So, I guess my question is this: is it worth moving our pillar pages from LPs to blog posts?  

HubSpot Employee

Hey @EvolveKev  That's a great a question. As you can see, the landing page is evolving as we move away from the traditional inbound conversion path of the last ten years. 


Nothing is stopping you from using a blog post as a pillar page, but if you add pillar page elements to the post template (in the design manager), then each subsequent post will contain all of those pillar page elements, which might be a bit distracting for your readers.


You could make one specific post a pillar page, but in this case you will need to add all of the pllar page elements within the post body. That could be a challenge as the post body editor is only designed to handle basic HTML tasks. 


Your best bet is to adapt a current landing page template (using standard HubSpot modules) to build your landing page, or you could head over to the Marketplace and search pillar pages to find a few free pillar page templates to download.  


Of course, HubSpot users are very creative, so I'm sure a few example of blog post pillar pages will pop up shortly.




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