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How do you hide a row within a HUbDB?

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Hi does anyone know how I can hide certain rows from a HubDB?


Basically I want to reuse an existing table on a second page but hide some rows. Is this possible and if so how? I assume I will have to reference the row ID's on which I want to hide?


I'm still new at this so the simplist answer would be appreciated.


Many Thanks

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HubSpot Product Team

You can use a query param on the hubdb_table_rows function call. 


For example, if your code looks like


{% for row in hubdb_table_rows(123) %}
  the name of the row {{ row.hs_id }} is {{ row.hs_name }}
{% endfor %}


you can add another parameter to filter the results.


{% for row in hubdb_table_rows(123, "hs_id=456") %}
  the name of the row {{ row.hs_id }} is {{ row.hs_name }}
{% endfor %}


More information is available at 

https://designers.hubspot.com/docs/tools/hubdb. All the filters you can use are documented at https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/hubdb/v2/get_table_rows