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How do I format the basic default search results page?


I have a basic default search results page linked to my home search tab and Blog search tabs.

How do I

  • Add margins to this page
  • Increase the font
  • Bring in the brand logo and
  • basically, format this to have similar design elements as my other pages.
  • Also, I'm not sure where to insert the design code  

Can anyone help me, please?


Here is the code that is used for this page currently;


templateType: search_results_page
isAvailableForNewContent: true
<!doctype html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
{% if content.html_title %}<title>{{ content.html_title }}</title>{% endif %}
<meta name="description" content="{{ content.meta_description }}">
{% if branding_favicon %}
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="{{ branding_favicon }}" />
{% endif %}
{{ standard_header_includes }}
{% module "search_results_page_template_logo" path="@hubspot/logo" label="Logo" %}
{% module "search_results_page_search_field" overrideable=true, path="@hubspot/search_input", label='Site Search Input' %}
{% module "search_results_page_search_results" overrideable=true, path="@hubspot/search_results", label='Site Search Results' %}
{{ standard_footer_includes }}


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Community Manager
Community Manager

How do I format the basic default search results page?

Hi @SSahabandu,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community! 


I can see that you have open tickets with our support team. I would like to invite you to continue working with them on this matter as they have access to your account and can provide real-time assistance for this matter.


Thank you,


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