How do I delete a blog featured image?

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In the "Featured Images" part on the "Settings" section on the blog, I cannot erase an image I selected by accident and it appears as the featured image despite I'm selecting another.

Another thing, I don't delete it right from the archives because it's the featured image of another blog post, so I'm not sure what to do because there's not a simple erase button right from the Featured Image section. That will make life easier.

If you can help, or if you can show me something I'm missing, it will be really appreciated.


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Hi @HuwenArnone,


If you accidentally added and selected a featured image in the settings section, just set the one you actually planned to use and save then update the post. If the image doesn't exist in the actual blog post, it will be automatically removed from the images in the featured images section. If the image is in the post as well, it will still be there.


This is somewhat confusing, but because of how this functions, it's not really necessary to have a remove or clear button...but that option may clear things up a bit.


I hope my explanation made sense, but ping me if you still have issues.



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