How can I add a HREFLANG tag to individual blog posts?

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Some, but not all, of our blog posts are made on multiple blogs (e.g. /,/fr, /de, /br) but are basically translations of the main blog post in English). However, other blog posts are not translations and only exist in one of the blogs.


So what I would like to do is to set a HREFLANG tag on those that are translations, which means this needs to happen on an individual post level, not overall for the blog or the entire template. 


How can I do this?


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Hi @finn,


Currently it is not possible to add the href tag to individual blog posts. If you would like to see this implemented in the future, I would recommend upvoting this idea on the ideas forum. 


Thank you,

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Hi @jennysowyrda 


We also need the Hreflang option for blogs. But the idea you referred to is placed on 2017 and no updates mentioned on this idea from Hubpost since then. Landingspages en Webpages do have this option, only blogs still don't. Will this be an option in the near future?