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How Your Customer Success Manager Reviews Your Website

As a Customer Success Manager, I am often brought into conversations around client's current websites. Be it a business at the start of their Inbound journey or one looking to refine their processes, everyone reaches the point in which they wonder if their website is the lead magnet that it could be. So we will be asked that question that we get asked on an almost weekly basis: "What do you think about website?" What I want to do with you all now, is walk through what we typically do when looking at your website to see if it's setting yourself up for success.


  1.  Can I find your website? So I will take keywords, phrases, topics that you want to rank for or be known for, and see what happens when I search for these in Google. The reason why I start here to review your website is because I want to make sure people can actually find your website. If results are low, then we need to look at your SEO.
  2. Does it pass the blink test? This is a simple but effective one, we will go to your homepage and see if we can tell who you are, what you provide, and how you can help me in less than 5 seconds. The line I often tell my clients is "if I'm visiting your website, the worse thing you can do is let me think. The moment I can think is the moment you give me the chance to leave your website". If I pass the blink test, then you have already gotten over a hurdle which so many website fall over.
  3. Do the conversion paths work? Next, I will start clicking on your CTAs and hyper links, to ensure that they lead me to where I should go. Before I click on each one, I will often ask myself "Where do I think I will end up by taking this action?" If I end up on a radically different page than expected, then this is most likely going to be confusing experience for your leads. If the links don't work, then this will impact your SEO.
  4. Does the website follow Inbound best practices? For example, can I tell who your persona is just by reading the content? Are your landing pages free from headers and other links? Are you encouraging me to connect on social media? Do you have a pillar page? Is there a blog? Do you have a clear content offer to start my nurturing journey? Do your forms have a question which helps qualify your contacts? These are all questions I will ask as I look through your website
  5. What do I think will happen because of the content? This is where your HubSpot account will come into play. If I think your forms ask too many questions, or I think the website has too much text on it, I will check out your traffic history to see if you have a high bounce rate, or your form submission numbers to see if there is a low conversion rate of views to submissions. 


And that's that! This process can take as long or as short amount of time as you'd like, but typically I will spend 20 minutes on this. Is there anything else you look out for when ensuring your website is  lead conversion machine? Let me know in the comment!

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