How Does HubSpot Resolve the Potential Negative Effect of Smart (Dynamic) Content on SEO


The HubSpot Academy puts a lot of emphasis on the option to display different content to a website page visitor based on their contact details in the CRM.

In their exmaples, they showcase how a H1 headline can change depending on who is visiting, which is determined through smart content filters.


However, this is not best SEO practice. If a page significantly differs from one page load to another as it is crawled by Google Bot, the page is in danger of being penalized for cloaking:


I searched through the resources, but haven't found anyone asking this question or any of the knowledge base articles addresing this issue.


Anyone has some information or answers to how HubSpot resolves this, other than using smart content on no-indexed landing pages that one doesn't plan to rank. 


UPDATE: Here is what some very good SEOs think about it. Still inconclusive, but enough to work with:

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Hey @milosuma 


I'm no expert, but extremely curious about this!


After reading  few articles I wonder if it's not HS's duty to "resolve" this, but rather the author's.


I would argue that this should be taken into account when creating the sites SEO plan.


It seems to me that by following the "How to…" sections on your link you could completely avoid all of these potential pitfalls, right?


This article from Google had some good insights.

"Googlebot generally doesn't consider dynamic rendering as cloaking. As long as your dynamic rendering produces similar content, Googlebot won't view dynamic rendering as cloaking. "



"Google bot generally doesn't" "as long as it produces similar content"
A bit vague, wouldn't you say? Would you risk creating dynamic website pages with this level of uncertainty? Plus, Hubspot touts smart content as a prime feature (which it is for page UX), has tonnes of resources about SEO, but does not address the issue of cloaking anywhere, or reassure users, or provide a bit more instruction based on tests in terms of best practices for smart content relative to ranking dynamic pages. I'd like their opinion.