How Can we Use Multi Domain in Same Account?



I Had Tried Using the Lead Flow Script on Multidomain. THe Code Trigger Properly, But some time its get Cross Linked. i.e Link A COntent Shows in Link B Content. I had Checked the Whole Hubspot Setting but i didn't find any error. I Also Check the Google Tags Manager too, but its also seems working fine. I'm not getting the issue points, please let me know for any solution. Had used the code on 2 different website: Godrej Air HoodiGodrej Emerald Isle Powai on this 2 website its showing of the 3 d Website i.e: Palava Codename Riverside Smarcty



AirHoodi.jpgPalava HubSpot on Emerald Powai.jpg

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Hi @jitendra  Welcome to the community. Can you head over to the Options setting in Lead Flows and make sure you have the correct pages designated for each message? Find out more about how to set the options for Lead Flows here.


If the page options are set correctly, please ensure the most current tracking code is insatalled correctly on the target sites. Instructions for installing the HubSpot tracking code are located here. 




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