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Host website on Odoo and some pages on Hubspot

We build our website on Odoo and we want to use some landing pages in Hubspot because forms do not play well with our setup. It used to work fine but everything broke when we connected the domain to be able to send emails from it through Cloudflare DNS settings. We now get a 404 when opening landing pages.


Is there any way to make these work together nicely?

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Host website on Odoo and some pages on Hubspot

We may need you to clarify your issue a bit further.


It is very common to use an outside hosting provider and then to use Hubspot for landing pages. These are setup on a seperate subdomain from your website (ie: vs. ). When you connect emails while you are editing DNS records, the DNS records for mail are SPF/DKIM for email authentication and should be not resulting in a 404 on a subdomain for your landing pages.


In your instance you may need someone to come in to look at your Hub to see what is going on with the setup or you may want to reach out to Hubspot via a support ticket so they can look into your instance as this is a user to user support forum and likely won't have access to the information needed to resolve your issue.