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Hello, i am looking for help when using the accordion toggle module on a webpage. 

 I have attached a screenshot to show what i am trying to do.  I would like the drop down text to expand along to the right (red arrow) rather than just be restricted to just under the image. How do I make this happen? I have very little html/coding knowledge. 

Thank you 


accordian module.JPG

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Doing this may or may not be possible with the module because the default way an accordion works is to only open the area below.  Not to say what you are asking isn't possible, but there may be development involved.  Can you post a link to a sample page so that we can see what's going on to give you a more definitive answer?

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Hi @AllisonAltus  - this will most likely require custom coding. I would advise against this though - from a best practice standpoint, I recommend keeping the text within the column. If the column is built with a conventional framework like Bootstrap, achieving the desired result will likely take some "hacking" to the framework that could pose layout issues on other devices and browsers.


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