HELP: Unique blog templates for unique blog posts

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Hi everyone,


Is there a way to set a different template for individual blog posts?

I thought this was possible, but can not seem to find it anymore. Smiley Sad





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Hi James,

Lucille here from Andimol.

Of course you can change the post template.

You need to get in the new blog post you are trying to write

go to the setting label, skroll a litlle bit and in the advance setting

you get to see the swap template button.

Click and select the one you desire, and follow the steps.

Here's a print screen just in case.

Screenshot 2017-11-10 15.48.18.png

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Alas, no such option...


Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 9.48.38 PM.png there a setting somewhere to allow this?

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Hi @James_Oickle,


you can not change blog post design template for every new blog post in HubSpot.


if you want this type of features, then you have to familiar with some HTML and CSS knowledge.

also, need to create pre-defined CSS with every possibility you want and use with proper guide given by designer who builds CSS for you.


we are here build this type of functionality with HubSpot marketer can create whatever they need to add to a blog post they add without any knowledge of coding just follow a propere guide (step by step instructions on how to add code in a blog post)


if we write pre-defined CSS than marketer has to just add just copy and paste a code that just changes suitable content.


marketers can add 2 column layout, 3 column layout, slider, video, full images, CTA, tab panels, accordions and much more (what over your requirement) 


interested to develop this type of design than Please email us at or visit us at


Team TRooInbound 




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@Lucila-Andimol the screenshot you've shared is for email templates. This functionality isn't available for blog templates.


This feature would be incredibly useful!


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Hi There James!!

Did you find the way to do it?

In my case, I have one column post listing in the Blog content template but I need two columns layout at the post template (post+sidebar)
Since both are at the same Blog Content module, can't find the way to meake them look different.


Thanks in advance!!