Getting HubDB to play nicely w/WP search bar?

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We've got our Resources page running as a HubDB page; the rest of the site is WP. It's great. Except...the WP search bar doesn't pick up any of the gated assets featured in the Resources page b/c they're not hosted in WP anymore.


Is there a fix for this, or are we stuck unless we rebuild the resource library in WP?

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Hi, @rachelbjordan.


Apologies for the delayed response.


I can't think of any easy fixes; I think you'd either have to move the assets or leverage an API to enable your main site search to pick them up.


A couple options that spring to mind are:

  • Using the CMS HubDB API to pull the HubDB-hosted assets onto a WordPress page. GET requests can be made client-side with JavaScript.
  • Using the CMS Site Search API to search for the assets across domains. This API requires you to make requests server-side, however.

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