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Gated module on webpages



we've started developing resource pages rather than having content in the basic PDF gated format but would like to have a gated module where it will hide all the sections below where this module will be placed. Visitors must sign up/submit a form before viewing the hidden content. The idea for the module to work is as follows: Drag and drop the "Gated content" module anywhere on the page. The module will hide all sections beneath it behind a form. Once visitors submit the form, it will unhide all the hidden contents. 


Is this possible at all? Does a module like that exist already? Please help!



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Gated module on webpages

Hi @DSacer 
I would imagine with some custom development a module like this would be possible or you could try and use smart content - further discussion here. However, perhaps a simpler solution would be to create a clone of your original page which contains the form, and once the form is submitted redirect to the cloned page, which you can edit to contain your full content i.e. /my-gated-page redirects to /my-gated-page-full. Then just make sure to noindex your full content page and remove it from your sitemap so it isn't visible in search engines.

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Gated module on webpages

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