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Dynamically query Contacts on LP for additional fields

I have a landing page and I'm passing in the URL a unique ID for a contact. It's a custom field called EID to give a contact an Evangelist ID.


I want to customize the landing page by using that EID to look up that Hubspot Contact and then return the First Name and Last Name so I can customize the landing page.


So it'll say something like "So glad you landed here thanks to your Evangelist [first name] [last name]...", and those two fields are looked up in the Contacts by that EID.


I'm new to HUBL but I see the crm_object that can search Contacts. How would I write that function and how do I attach it to execute on the landing page?


Thanks in advance.



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Guide | Platinum Partner
Guide | Platinum Partner

Dynamically query Contacts on LP for additional fields

Hi @OWolf. This is a great question. i'm not sure HS landing pages have time to look up contacts upon page load but Id like to tag my colleague @PMcConnell to see if he can provide some additional insights. 

Olivia Bagnall

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