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Hello all,  


We've suddenly had a few of our landing pages dissapear of hubspot. Presumably this is user error, but none of our team can recall doing anything that might've caused this. Is there any way of seeing what happened so we can ensure it doesn't happen again/ check it's not a fault or bug in hubspot (as I say I imagine it's something we've done)? I can't find a way to check an audit trail or anything of this kind, does anyone have a suggestion to find out what happened?


For example, this page has now dissapeared:


Would appreciate any help you can give. 




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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @georgenichols as a paying customer you can get in touch directly with the HubSpot Support team via the Help button in your portal. They will be able to review your portal's recycle bin to see if your missing pages can be retrieved. Further to this they can review API data to track your page history in the account. 


Let me know if you have any trouble getting in touch with Support. I'd advise providing as much information as you can, e.g. page names, publish dates, URLs (if and where possible).