Creating a delay after form submissions for better smart content usage

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We LOVE the smart content concept. But the major flaw is that there is a slight latency between submission and the content showing what it should show. 


We like having contact requests land on salespeoples' calendars, but we want to put them on the CORRECT calendars... which depends on location, persona, need, etc... 


Is there a way to create a delay after the form is submitted before the follow up page loads? or perhaps create a landing page that automatically forwards, so we can get that delay embedded?


I've seen the suggestion to use the HubL query this and that... That's not the solution we're looking for. As it is written above (or remove that latency) is the solution we seek.

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I am not sure about the delay, however you can make sure they get the right salesperson if you use workflows to send follow-up emails depending on the details the contact submitted on the form with a link to the dedicated salespersons calendar.


Hope this helps..:)

Daniel Bleichman
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