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Create blog list to add to go daddy site



I am trying to add my lists of blogs to my go daddy website.  In HubSpot, under my blogs, only ones shows at a time, there isn't a list of the blogs I have created.  Only shows the default in the list an if I choose another blog in the dropdown it only shows that one.  I can't get the list of all to show and the external address to add to my website.


Any help on how to creat a listing page with all of my blogs showing to add to my site would be appreciated.





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Community Manager

Create blog list to add to go daddy site

Hi @aaardappel,


Thanks for reaching out!


According to this help documentation from GoDaddy, you can select an "External RSS Feed" to display on your GoDaddy site. I believe there are ways to embed an RSS feed on external websites as well. I would recommend working with a designer or developer for a custom solution. You can also reach out to our friends at the Developer's Forum to see if they have any suggestions!




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