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Cookie banner and opt-in vs notification mode



I have an external site where I use HubSpot.

I have a cookie policy for the EU that requires opt-in, and a button in the footer of the site to display the cookie banner again (using _hsp.push(['showBanner']);). That works as expected.

However, I'd like to have a non-EU cookie policy that is Notification only, and still have a button in the footer to delete cookies. My problem is that the showBanner function is not available in Notification-only mode.


Is there a way to retrieve the region or the cookie policy id from hubspot so I can use showbanner in the EU and use a different function (like _hsp.push(['revokeCookieConsent']);) to delete the cookies outside the EU?

I know that I could query the region from third-party services, but would prefer to avoid that.


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Guide | Diamond Partner
Guide | Diamond Partner

Cookie banner and opt-in vs notification mode

Hi @frobert ,

To check this out, we need more information, so, I would rather suggest you contact with
the hubSpot team by clicking on the blue help button at the bottom right corner of your account.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks and Regards.