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Hi folks, I need some help. Let's admit: I am not a developer, webmaster or very experienced in building website. I managed to build my website via trial and lot's of errors.


I use Wordpress, WPbakery Visual Composer, Hubspot and lot's of espressos. Now I need to use your knowledge.


The form is loading perfectly. But frequently it loads on the bottom of my webpage, instead of loading in the righter frame. 


Is there someone who has two minutes to F5 the **bleep** out of my page, see my problem and provide me some clues on how to solve this? 



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@Wouter - Are you sure it's happening on the homepage and not some other page. I have seen this issue before and it's usually related to 2 of the same forms being added to the same page.

This is easily overlooked when you have a popup form that's hidden until a user clicks a button or pops-up automatically. It will confuse the HubSpot embed code and the form will get pushed to the bottom of the page. 

If you can think of any instance like that where the same embed code would be added twice, that might be where the issue is.

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Hi Tim, thanks for replying that quickly. It still doesn't work for me. It's one single form.