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I am running a report in Google Analytics showing a list of the pages exited by users. The list of pages, for the most part, includes pages that I have created. However there is a portion of this list that has page addresses that have some of the domain and sub pages but then there is a long scattered jumble of letters and numbers, and when I try to open them they either continually load with no success or give me an error.

I have included a screenshot of the list of domains I am seeing.


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Hi @jcurtis,


Have you seen this HubSpot knowledge base article which walks through these types of urls? 


As outlined in the article: 

Every link in an email sent from HubSpot contains identity tracking parameters so visits from links clicked in emails are attributed to the correct contacts.

These parameters, _hsenc and _hsmi, are unique to HubSpot and are not recognized by Google Analytics. In your Google Analytics report, you may see that each URL clicked from an email is considered a unique, separate page due to these unrecognized tracking parameters.



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