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Changing published blog post fonts with a custom font

I'm having an issue with changing fonts on existing blog pages. Since the blog I'm using is not a Hubspot standard one, I can't normally choose it from the font panel of the page editor. On a new page, the font panel will simply say "Font", when it's typing in the blog standard font, Montserrat.


This is not an issue, but an annoyance when it comes to publishing new posts.

When it comes to updating already published blog posts with the new font, however, I can't find a solution. I have no option to choose Montserrat or any other custom font in the editor



I would appreciate it if you could share a solution.


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Changing published blog post fonts with a custom font

Hi @orkunturkey! Can you get into the Source Code editor for that block in your blog and hand code the font you want?


<p style="font-family: font-family: "Montserrat", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif">




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