Changing date format on blogs to "last updated"

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I want to update some of my old blogs and change the date format from published date, to a "last updated" date.  How can I do that?


My goal is to improve SEO by updating old content, and I've read that having a "last updated" date will tell Google crawlers there is fresh information. I don't want to change the publishing date since I have a latest blogs email I send to our leads.




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Hi @TallAllie,


You can update the published date by following the instructions outlined here. Or, if you would like to implement a "last updated" time stamp, you can do so following the steps outlined here.


Thank you,

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This is helpful except I can't copy the code, it is totally blank. I can see the images of the code, but the sections where the code actually is - is blank. (see below)


blank code.PNG


Also, it doesn't mention exactly where to put it. Do I just follow what's on the images, or can I put it wherever?


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Hi Allie! 

Optimizing old content is a great way to supplement your ongoing content strategy. When we are doing this either for our agency blog, or for one of our clients, we simply change the publish date in HubSpot. See screenshot. 


Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 4.39.49 PM.png

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Yes, I'm aware that you can change the publishing date, but I have a monthly email that goes out to customers about our newest blogs. Wouldn't those old blogs with new publishing dates come up as the newest blogs?  I would rather figure out a way to add a "last updated" date. 


Thanks for the feedback!

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Hi Allie, 


You are correct. If you update the date published, these blogs that you have republished will be included in your RSS email. If you have updated the information with more valuable content, wouldn't you like your customers to read this information? 




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I'm not sure why it seems like people aren't trying to answer your real question. I think we all are aware we are able to change the publish date of the blog post but that isn't helpful in every use case and would be more appropriate to actually show the Last Updated date instead. The code is still missing from this "how-to" can anyone help with the real answer she and I are looking for?