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Centre content on landing Page

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Hi there,


not a developer here. Having some trouble making all the modules in my landing page central. It's looking good on my desktop, but larger screens, mobile and tablet is a different story.


I have attempted to ad "text-align: center !important;" to the inline styling but that hasn't worked.


Any help would be much appreciated.



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Hi @JackWorkshop,


It would be great if you share the link of the same. Also, need to know what you have set CSS properties.


If your problem is resolved, marked it as Solved.

You can also email us for further assistance.

Thank you.


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Hi @JackWorkshop ,


While text align center will center align the text, there is also centering by setting the left and right margins to auto. With that said, there could also be conflicts in your CSS code that may be preventing the text-align from working properly.


If you can post a link to the page in question so we can examine the code and further look into this.