Cant get anchor text or linking to jump down my page.


I am trying to create links to jump down to other portions of my webpages, but both HubSpot solutions I've tried haven't worked.


This solution didn't jump anywhere.


This created a link but it's faulty. Brings up an error page and the URL reads -0 before the #.


Any ideas or reasons why these two solutions arent working?

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Piggybacking on this post because we are experiencing the same issue.


UPDATE: I just got it to work. I can't be positive that this was the only reason it wasn't working, because this has happened many times in the past and we've just repeated the same steps and eventually it works for no reason. Today it ended up working because I took out a "#" that I had included when I set the anchor (I had it in the anchor and the link going to that anchor). I'm sure your problem is different @MelissaMerrick but wanted to give you my update in case it helps.