Can you send blog post notifications to different audiences based on tags?

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We are currently sending out new blog notifications to anyone subscribed to our blog and they are all being auto published to social media as well. The issue that we are trying to solve relates to our audience. We have customers in different industries, and while some blog posts would relate to everyone some may be specific to a certain sector (IT, Healthcare, Hospitality, etc). In an ideal world when someone subscribes they could select an interest area that would match the blog tags and then only be emailed when blogs matching those tags were published. Is this something feasible or would we need different blogs entirely?

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Hi @PPorebski 


This isn't possible out of the box. HubSpot's built in blog digests send out all posts on an individual blog and cant be segmented by topic. The only option, as you suggest, is to have several blogs. 


I've not seen it done but this might be hackable using RSS feeds and RSS emails. 


Hope this helps.

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