Can you add captions to videos in HubSpot?

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Hi there,


Is there a way to add captions to the videos you upload in HubSpot?


I recently published a blog with a video: but can't see a way to add a transcript/captions.


Would I have to do this with a separate editing software before uploading or can I do it post-edit?


Thanks in advance for your help!


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Hi @Axon_Kay,


HubSpot video does not natively provide captions or transcripts for videos. If you are interested in using vidyard, a third party service (that powers HubSpot video), they do offer the ability to put in captions.



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For ADA compliance it is recommended that videos be captioned. To confirm, currently, HubSpot hosted videos do not have this ability and we would need to use a third party like Vidyard.


Is captioning HubSpot hosted videos a feature that is in the works?

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I'd like to add to this -

We're hosting some video content through Hubspot, and the ability to add closed captions would be fantastic to help us acheive full ADA compliance.

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Hi Jenny, 


Is there any update from Hubspot on this or a way we can submit user requests to get this added to the product roadmap? We're finding it difficult to choose between;


1. uploading video content to Hubspot without the option to add .srt files, with arguably better user insight metrics.

2. embedding external video's with more accessable content but de-centralised analytics and little to no options of adding lead capture points in the video. 




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First I want to thank HubSpot for finding a way to easily add video to their system - and include it as a standard feature to paid subscribers.


However, closed captioning is essential for marketing video as most people who view video online do NOT view it with sound. Also, ADA compliance.


Soundless video viewing is so pervasive even LinkedIn has implemented a way to submit a .srt file to set up captioning.


While I realize Vidyard is the partner helping to provide the HubSpot video capability, closed captioning has become such an essential item it should be included in the set-up versus requiring an additional subscription elsewhere.

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I need this too. Close captioning is essential for ADA compliance and multi language marketing. Vidyard already provides this so I don't see what the problem is.

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The Vidyard subscription through Hubspot no longer provides this, as of late April!

So now there is no longer ANY way of adding captions as an .srt file to a video through Hubspot or Vidyard. 

This is really bad for SEO and for ADA compliance.

You can however add captions in your editing software and hardcode it to the picture.

It's not as nice, and it's always there on the video no matter what, and also, if I understand correctly, hearing impared could have made good use of the .srt file as a transcript on it's own.