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One of the biggest issues my clients have, and a time-consuming task for our agency, is putting all the pieces in a campaign together.


What if there was a feature where you could just pick a "Webinar campaign", and all the assets would be created for you? HubSpot would then generate:


  • Landing page
  • Thank you page
  • Email


Right now it is a lot of back and forth when creating a campaign, and I find that clients are very confused by it.


I think New Kajabi launched a feature called "Pipelines" which does this already






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Hi @Thorstein thanks for posting, this sounds like an interesting feature request. I would recommend heading to our Ideas Forum in order to share this with our developers and our community at large! 

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Q: Hubspot Campaign-In-A-Box?


Short A: Sure, to the extent possible.


Longer A:

Considering that every campaign may have its own unique 'flavor', marketing assets, message, and technical characteristics HubSpot already has this feature. Just build a master campaign with all the assets you'd like in your 'box' and clone it. (see image)



Here's an example webinar campaign that will automatically duplicate LPs, Emails, CTAs, and a Workflow when you clone the campaign ... (see image)





IMPORTANT NOTE: All assets associated with a campaign are duplicated when you clone a campaign, so be certain that's what you intend to happen before you proceed because there is no 'undo' command.





Please include @MFrankJohnson if you'd like me to respond.


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Hope that helps.


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