CTA button on landing page when published has incorrect padding



I'm trying to insert a CTA button on my landing page to book a meeting with one of our business dev. reps. but when I go to preview the page or if I publish it and view it on different browsers the button appears with increased padding between the text and top of the button. In the CTA editor it looks normal, when editing the landing page it looks normal, but once I preview or publish it, it looks incorrect. 

I've found a few threads with similar problems but the solution was to go into the code and change the issue. We are using a starter template for our landing pages and therefore cannot access the code view to achieve this solution. I'm just looking for an alternative option to solving this - I'm not sure why this artifact keeps appearing.


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Hi @CCharlton , thank you for your post.

Could you please add screenshots, page link and any other details (which browser does this issue happen?) so that the Community can better understand the issue?

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Hi @CCharlton ,

WHile creating CTA, add your properties hete in teh Advanced options. It may help resolve the problem.


Hope this helps!

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