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I'm looking for best practices when it comes to subdomains. We are a retailer with an extensive catalog, so our website is not through HubSpot. We want to build out a "learning center" with our blog, guides, video library, etc. and I'm wondering if it's best to build it out through WordPress or to use template packs/modules within HubSpot?


While the main focus is on housing the content in one place and being able to view the analytics, I am also very concerned with design, specifically that the editor is simple and offers flexibility when it comes to customization.


Thank you, I'm looking forward to the communities help!

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I don't think there is a best in this scenario.  You can use templates in Hubspot or Wordpress or any CMS for that matter.  My first question to you would be the availability of the assets you are thinking of offering your clients/customers.  Are they gated, free to anyone?  If they are gated and need to be not indexed, from experience I would probably lean against Hubspot, because having your own web server (presumably) is better than having a gated web server where you Hubspot site lies. Now if you are using shared hosting or a limited Wordpress host, this could also be an issue.


Then dissecting your solution a little more. If you wanted to separate out the blog, wordpress or hubspot would be fine either way, here's it's a matter of personal preference.


For a video library, the asset question above will come into play again.  However, I would also recommend not using either Hubspot or Wordpress and using a video hosting site. I've come across Vimeo for a lower cost solution and Wistia has many built-in, integration options that work with Hubspot.  For instance, the ability to gate videos before someone watches is a nice integration feature.  Also, keeping your videos separate you can let them live in a library on those sites, or include them in your own site.