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Blog subscriptions by topic - Sent "immediately"

There is a lot of confusing info about this topic, so I'm going to try to ask with specifics.


Our need: User selects set topics they are interested in. When a new post is published on one of those topics an email is immediately sent to those people who selected it.



In the subscription form how are topics selected/added?

Can a user select more than one topic to be subscribed to?
Is topic the same as a tag? How do you set a topic to a post?

We are moving subscribed people over from another system-I know you can add them with a list, but will the subscription pick that up?


I have questions about the layout, but I will address that later. Any help to get me going is helpful!  Thanks!

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Community Manager

Blog subscriptions by topic - Sent "immediately"

Hi @TRichards8,


Thanks for reaching out!


I wanted to share this help article on setting up blog subscription emails, how to configure their frequency, and setting up a blog subscription form. 


If I'm understanding properly, it sounds like you're looking for a way to schedule RSS blog emails by blog tags? This is currently not a feature in HubSpot. I would recommend upvoting this idea: Blog subscription by topic. and following the idea post so that you can be notified if there are any future updates/betas that would be rolled out.


If you would like to manually create/curate your blog emails with exactly the content you want in them and send it manually on your preferred cycle, I would recommend checking out this workaround offered by @Phil_Vallender


In regards to importing contacts with subscription types, I wanted to refer you to this related thread and this thread with best practices for importing subscribers.


I hope this helps!




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