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Blog notification best practices using tags

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We currently use tags to separate our different blog posts into topics. We want to enable blog notifications but only send notifications to those interested in certain types of posts (perhaps creating a new contact property and form field where users can select interests?). Would a custom workflow be the best way to go about this? Would separating our 1 blog into multiple be better? Or is there already a way in Hubspot for us to accomplish this that I am overlooking?


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Hi @bcornman2018,


There is a suggestion from @moonwebstrategy in this thread about the same question.


As outlined in the post you would have to create custom RSS emails (see knowledge doc for instructions) and pull in an RSS feed per topic. To create an RSS feed URL, you would add /rss.xml to the end of the URL. Then you would want to create custom subscription properties and use them in a form, so your contacts could subscribe to a specific topic on your blog. After doing this, create a list based off that property/topic type, and then you can select the list to send your RSS email to.




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