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Blog migrations + SEO rankins

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Hi everyone,


We have our website currently hosted on WordPress but got HubSpot for a number of reasons. I'd really like to move our blog onto HubSpot but there is concern over losing SEO rankings not only because we will have new URLs for existing posts (though HubSpot gave us helpful instructions on how to migrate the blog and preserve as much SEO juice as possible), but also because future blog posts would be on a subdomain which to my knowledge is ranked lower than anything on the root domain.


There are a ton of blog posts and all of the content is super well-ranked so it would definitely be a make or break factor on if we can use HubSpot's blogging tool, though they offer so many great features I really want to make it work!

Has anyone with a well-ranked blog migrated to HubSpot? Any success or horror stories? Things to make sure we do or consider?


Current blog: https://federal-lawyer.com/blog/
New blog domain would be info.federal-lawyer.com

Any help is much appreciated - thanks!

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Hi @jasminec,


There is some good content around migrating from WordPress to HubSpot here.


@IanGuiver and @MFrankJohnson touched upon a similar topic in this thread. Have either of you worked with a client who has gone through this transition? 


@Phil_Vallender also helped @Emina-Demiri with a similar question in this thread. Do you either of you have any tips for @jasminec?



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