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Blog Subscription Reply-to Address

Hi! I'm about to launch my monthly blog subscription email and want to make sure the replies DO NOT go to the from address (it's a shared mailbox).


In the settings of the email I checked the box and added my email address and clicked publish to make sure they all go to me, but in the settings>website>blog>subscriptions it's still showing the reply address as the original shared address I'm trying to avoid.


Does anyone know which address it will truly send replies since there's an inconsistency?

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Guide | Diamond Partner

Blog Subscription Reply-to Address

Hi @AHoltzapple ,

When you go to - settings>website>blog>subscriptions - you should be able to click on "Edit" on the specific blog subscriber notification that will lead you to the email editor.

Make sure the email editor has been updated and published again


The video recording will show to ensure the changes are updated and made live

What I think has happened - the changes are not made live yet.


To set-up blog subscription email, you can refer to this article as well-

Hope this helps!

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Blog Subscription Reply-to Address

Hi All,

I suspected the issue was a delay as well, however it's been 24 hours and the issue remains. I've contacted HubSpot support.

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Blog Subscription Reply-to Address

Hi @AHoltzapple,


The overview under Settings > Website > Blog > Subscriptions reflects the Settings from the email editor:




Could you double check that you have indeed specified the correct reply-to address and then reviewed and updated the email? Otherwise, the email would still be in its old state. It would look correct but the change wouldn't be pushed live yet:




If there is a discrepancy between what you see in the email and what you see in the system settings I would try the usual first: waiting for some time, logging out and back in, checking in a private tab or other browser. If the discrepancy persists, you could reach out to HubSpot technical support to be 100% on the safe side (via the help widget on the lower right of the screen when you're in HubSpot).


Best regards!

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