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My main blog post page features 9 articles. 


It's all pretty and nice except it doesn't show the titles of the articles 😕

Title of the blog posts not showingTitle of the blog posts not showing


Not ideal.


The CSS looks like this:


<!-- Post Content-->
                            <div class="post-content">
                              {% if content.topic_list[0] %}
                                <div class="category">{{ content.topic_list[0] }}</div> 
                              {% endif %}
                                <a href="{{ content.absolute_url }}"><h1 class="title">{{ content.widgets.custom_post_title.body.value }}</h1></a>
<!--                                 <h2 class="sub_title">The city that never sleeps.</h2>  -->
                                <p class="description">{{ content.meta_description|truncatehtml(120, '...' , false) }}</p>
                                <div class="post-meta"><span class="timestamp"><i class="fa fa-clock-o"></i> {{ content.publish_date|datetimeformat('%b %e, %Y') }}</span></div>

Not sure what to do with this. 


Any ideas? 

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Hi @JoyceK 


Try change this: 

<h1 class="title">{{ content.widgets.custom_post_title.body.value }}</h1></a>

For this: 

<h2><a href="{{content.absolute_url}}">{{ }}</a></h2>

If not solve, please send link of your blog for best analyse.


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Blog templates can often be temperamental. 


If you get super stuck and you're unable to fix it yourself, I think I know someone who would be able to look into this for you.  


Here's an example of his service that I think he can customize for you.