Best practice for dynamic keywords on Landing Pages

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In stead of having to create multiple landing pages for each keyword (or keyword group) many tools allow for the dynamic keyword insertion. That is we'd like to implement message match/dynamic text replacement on our landing pages.


Hubspot used to support this but all the old links about this lead to deprecated forum posts or redirect to the homepage of the academy ( and there is no concrete article on this that appears current.


Curious how other companies are doing this? Is this not possible in HubSpot, or is it not worth the extra effort (take too long or is difficult to do) would you recommend investing in an additional landing page builder (ex. Instapage, Landingi, Wishpond, etc.).


For exampe this page ->

Some keywords we are targeting: +online +newsroom +software

I'd like to have those keywords appear on the page in an H2 or something.


Using Smart Content as described here ( sounds like it would be the solution - except there is no option to select keywords.


I'm happy to use HubL to fix this if necessary - but very severely surprised this is missing as a default functionality and that I cannot find anything in the hubspot academy about this.



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Hi @spif,


This functionality is not currently something that is available with an out of the box solution within HubSpot. 


One workaround you could do is to use smart content based on other campaigns, however it will not be directly available in association with keywords. Additionally, you could consider using tracking urls and source information to allow for more granular information.


If you would like to see this functionality implemented in the future, I would recommend creating an idea in our ideas forum as well.


Thank you,

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I'm curious how other companies deal with this.


Surely they use Hubspot for their paid campaigns too, right?

Any insight there? Or do you recommend an alternative tool for paid campaigns?






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Upvoted. I had this same problem a couple of weeks ago - I ended up just creating several clones of landing pages and manually tying them to specific keywords and/or ad copy. It worked, but it's not scalable.