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Atlas main.css stylesheet being included in cloned theme

I have a theme that is a clone of the Atlas theme with some customizations, including a customized navbar module. As it is a clone, it is a different theme and not a child theme, so nothing should be inherited. However, I'm having an issue where the main.min.css stylesheet from the Atlas theme is somehow being included in the head along with the main.min.css of my cloned theme. The Atlas main.min.css classes are also taking precedence, and so they override everything declared in the cloned stylesheet. Everything in the code and the dashboard point to the main.css file in the cloned theme, not the Atlas theme, so I don't know where it's coming from.

The only workaround I can think of is to rename the classes in the cloned theme or use important!, but I'd like resolve this without doing so and would like some context on why this is happening if anyone can shed some light on how this works.

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Key Advisor | Partner

Atlas main.css stylesheet being included in cloned theme

Hey @ajs_app the only way it would be included is if it's called somewhere, unfortunately it can just be a case of taking some time to dig around to find where it is linked as a dependency for the theme. There's a few places this may be included they could be attached to the template via the attachments panel on the right, they could be attached on a specific page or they could be added as an include within the actual code, there's a guide on where they can be included here:

What I would advise is to check every section template, headers or footers may have this attached or it may be called in a specific module. So I'd check every stylesheet, template and template partial for this. If it's not in the attachments panel on the right a quick search through the code will help verify it's not called in the code too! 

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