Adding CSS-class with blog editor?


I would like to be able to add CSS-classes to certain parts of my blogposts. Since we have a number of authors who are afraid of making changes in raw code this is a need for us. Also I don't want to create a template as this would be too controlling of the content.

Example: Somewhere in the blogpost we want to emphasize a small part of the content by showing it as a quote with different styling. I want to this by just creating a new paragraph in the blogpost and then select the paragraph and then easily be able to select that in a dropdown in the blog editor.

Is it possible to add this feature somehow? Or is just me not diving deep enough into the template world?

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Key Advisor

I don't think that's available in blogs or landing pages as far as I know, but I could see that being useful in both.  Create an idea and post the link. I'll vote for it!