AMP blogpost missing CTA/Forms when accessed via SoMe



We try to use AMP as much as possible to boost SEO. But when accessing our AMP blogposts on SoMe we have noticed that the conversionrate on the pages sometimes been non exsisting. And now we realize that CTA and FROMS dissapear if AMP-blogs are opened on mobile via Linkedin for example. Anybody had similiar issues?

1) This is the link to the blogpost:
On mobile, not accessed by Linkedin, the CTA (KONTAKTA OSS..) is there.



2) This is a link the same AMP-posts on Linkedin (published via social in hubspot).
Here as my printscreen shows the CTA is missing.


Anybody know what could cause this? We would like to be AMP-fridenly and get a boost from google. But not if the Conversionrate becomes non exsistent for our SoMe posts.
Thanks for any help on this! 

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Hey @AxelS 


Thank you for reaching out! I'll tag a few experts that can share their thoughts with you-


Hey @Kevin-C @Alex_ @Gonzalo any advice you can give to @AxelS about this?




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Hi @AxelS,


I just checked on my phone and I can see the CTA without any issues - see my screenshot below:





Hi @Alex_ 
Thank you so much for looking in to this 🙂

I forgot to specify that if you click the actual URL in the post it works, but if you press linkedin redirect no forms or CTA are displayed. I tried this with all in our team (spread across Sweden with different phones). The link works for all but not the Linkedin redirect...


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I see what you're saying now. This is interesting as I don't see this happening with the other LinkedIn posts with the same subdomain.


The one thing I did notice is that when I click on the image instead of the link, there's a redirect in place. In all honesty, I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the displaying issues you're experiencing on this page, but that would be the first thing I would look into. Especially considering the fact that none of the other posts I've clicked do that.





Thanks @Alex_ 

When you say you cant see this issue with other post with same subdomain. Are you reffering to AMP pages? We publish all our content via hubspot social. And all our AMP get redirect from Linkedin in that manner adn we experience the same issue with all our AMP-posts.

I also noticed that the UTM tag dissapears in the mobile URL, and are replaced with hs_amp=true
Don't know if this has something to do with CTA's not showing, maybe its something with our custom modules...

Don't know if its a hubspot issue or a linkedin to be honest.