A/B test on landing page: Info on variant disappeared when I picked a winner

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Hi everyone

Does anyone know, if I can still access data on visitors and conversions from a landing page variant that has been decommissioned?


I was running an A/B test, and when I picked A as the winner, variant B vanished from the landing page module along with the visitor and conversion data connected with that variant.

Now it looks as though I had a lot fewer visitors and conversions on my landing page...




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Hi @RikkeMarieS Apologies no one has responded yet. At this time there is not a way to recover the decomissioned version data, nor are there plans to enable this in the future. The thought process is that the testing period would be short (compared to the life of the winning variant) and that metrics for the losing variant would be insignifigant to the overall totals of the landing page. 


You could add this to the Ideas forum for further content. Our devs monitor the forums and sometimes provide feedback on whether certain ideas can be implemented.


If you add this as an idea please answer the following to provide further context: 


WHO is the feature for?

WHAT product/tool does it improve?

What is the GOAL?

Where is the ROADBLOCK?

How would this add VALUE?


Thank you,

Ed Justen


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