2 different websites?


Hello! I am getting started with my content journey. 


I already have one blog , which I want to be thought leadership on the field of internal commuications and employee engagement. 


However, I am also starting a business providing freelance writing for mental health businesses. 


Because everyone seems to emphasize the importance of having a niche, should I create 2 sites so users don't get confused? Please advise. Thank you so much! 

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Hi @CDurkee ,


Thank you for your post!

If the contents you'll have for those 2 purposes are different (in your case, it sounds quite different),  in my opinion it will be better to have 2 separate sites. 

But let's see what other Community contributors think- @karstenkoehler and @rikkilear , would you mind sharing your thoughts on this?

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Hi @CDurkee,


From a first glance, it sounds like you could publish all of the content under the same blog (think for example Atlassian's Work Life blog which has a similar approach) but also under two outlets.


Eventually this comes down to the question of your target group and persona. Is this content meant for the same persona(s)? Does it have the same purpose and is part of the same customer journey? In that case, you could indeed synthesize a blog out of the two content areas.


If you however have different personas in mind, different customer journeys or different purposes at all (one outlet for net new business generation, another for brand awareness or thought leadership only), I wouldn't force these together. The tip on focusing on a niche is more a tip on prioritizing your time and effort and less so on how to present and distribute your content.


Let me know if you have any follow-up questions here!


Thanks for tagging, @natsumimori!

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Thank you @karstenkoehler for your input!!