Task Set to Repeat BETA


Task Set to Repeat BETA

We use a group account that we assign all customer support tasks to, we then rotate the calls between our CS department, then change back to the group CS account once handled - these are repeating tasks. I've trialed the Repeat feature that is in BETA mode and came across a couple of issues when using this functionality.

1. Once the repeat option is selected, it seem to lock the task and makes it unable to be assigned to that group CS account we have, although I can assign to a separate individual. 

2. If you are to write any notes/description in the task, once completed and rescheduled, the notes do not pull over to the updated task (I assume due to it essentially creating an all new task and only pulling certain data) 

Other than that, I feel like this will work well if those 2 things are able to be addressed


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