New Market Place - no more modules available

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New Market Place - no more modules available

Hi all,


Since October 20, the market place has changed for 'a better experience' for users.  We have all been informed about this and OK, but I didn't realise what kind of impact it would have for me and our customers. 


I have my complete website running on CMS hub, as well as some other clients. Also, new clients that are working with theme's. The theme's are all fun and stuff but sometimes important modules are missing. Currently, a client wants to make a comparison table but unfortunately it is not available any more in the market place. I know this because I was lucky enough to download it before the update. The solution? Let it be created by a HubSpot developer. Mind you, we are talking about a module that was 30,- in the marketplace. Just plain and simple. Now we have to get a developer to make it for whatever the price may be. 


I already complained at the HubSpot Support and they say we need to use more of other themes functionalities. I am sorry but I am not going to purchase more theme's for one module to use in another theme. 


My understanding is that the modules will be coming back in early 2023. How are we going to tell this to customers who just purchased the CMS hub? Sorry, we can no longer add extra modules to the theme. You have to have everything developed by expensive developers or wait for a few months. Kind of unnecessary. There were enough modules available that met the demands of our customers for a fair price.


Am I the only one that is frustrated by this? 





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