Logging TICKETS on iOS App


Logging TICKETS on iOS App

Hi Team,


I am a beta user of the iOS App for TICKETS. I saw that there was the option to enter tickets from App so I have tried it and got some feedback for you.


I logged a ticket yesterday (https://app.hubspot.com/contacts/7983598/ticket/621640353/ ). This ticket is viewable on the app but does not sync through the web. It also did not enroll in workflow (https://app.hubspot.com/workflows/7983598/platform/flow/69667252/edit )


This morning I logged another ticket. It appeared in the associated tickets on the app but, again, not on web or in workflow. It them disappeared from app.


Great work so for, it is looking great and easy to enter!


Would also be good to have an icon to show all tickets that can be filtered in the future.



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